Update: D.A Carson Mp3

This is a more extensive collection of Carson’s sermons than the previously posted one by myself.

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The Use of the OT in the NT


Emergent Church


So-Called New Perspective on Paul Critiqued

Love of God

Vision of a Transcendent God

The Book of Revelation

Jesus and the Cross

Other Sermons

Other Lectures


Jay Smith Mp3

Key Issues Of Islam #1 – Jay Smith   14193.mp3
Key Issues Of Islam #2 – Jay Smith

Robert Morey Mp3

Lectures on Islam by Robert Morey

01 – Pre-Islamic Arabia 00583.mp3
02 – The Life & Times of Muhammad 00584.mp3
03 – Muhammad Compared to Christ 00585.mp3
04 – The Koran Contrasted to the Bible 00586.mp3
05 – Quranic Errors & Contradictions 00587.mp3
06 – The Secret Teachings of Muhammad 00588.mp3
07 – God or Allah, Which God is God? 00589.mp3
08 – Islam Is Not True 00590.mp3
09 – The Seal of Prophethood 00591.mp3
10 – The Nation of Islam 00592.mp3
11 – Does Islam Violate Human Rights? 00593.mp3

Black Islam 01238.mp3

Islamic Invasion of America 14121.mp3

Alexander Strauch Mp3 (Biblical Leadership)


This is a lecture on Church Leadership by Alexander Strauch (author of Biblical Eldership).

Session one
Session two
Session three
Session four

Other books by Strauch.

A review of Biblical Eldership by Paul Alexander

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Alister McGrath mp3

Has Science eliminated God?

Kris Lundgaard mp3 – The Enemy Within


Kris Lundgaard is the author of “The Enemy Within.” It is a modern version of John Owen’s “The Mortification of Sin & and Indwelling Sin in Believers.”

The Enemy Within, Part 1 Listen · Download
The Enemy Within, Part 2 Listen · Download
The Enemy Within, Part 3 Listen · Download
The Enemy Within, Part 4 Listen · Download