Who’s who


Andrew Chu: Andy is a graduate of TMS. He is a pastor in Los Angeles. Andy’s testimony of how he came to know the Lord is an inconceivable story of God’s saving grace. He came out of a life of extreme spiritual depravity. He was in the military, police and corporate business before entering the Kingdom work. Andy’s passion in life is to worship God through the study of His inerrant, authoritative and inspired Scripture, live a Christ-like life and to proclaim the truth. His present study interests include philosophical theology (particularly the concept of God), logic (especially on fallacies) and epistemology. Andy is very involved in evangelism and apologetics at the campuses in Southern California. He thinks that the Piper-like pastor is a rare commodity today (scholarship and holiness). A former table tennis competitor (he still has his Waldner blade with Waldner & Pronte rubber). Btw, Andy is a big fan of Fedor from PrideFC, he hopes that it will not deter anyone from reading this blog. Email Andrew at tobiblion at gmail dot com


Andrew Phitz: Andrew is a graduate of TMS. Currently pursuing a degree in Biblical Studies with a concentration in New Testament. His research has focused upon the language and literature of the NT and, in particular, the linguistic and grammatical analysis of Hellenistic Greek. His present interests include ancient epistolary theory, linguistic prominence, discourse grammar, verbal aspect theory, voice, and case-relations. He also has a special fascination with John’s Gospel, 1 Peter, and the writings of Paul. He has published numerous papers at ETS and SBL. Andrew is an excellent debater who has debated atheists, cultists, theologians, etc. both formal and informal.


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