I am back………….

It is good to be back. Travelled to different parts of Asia.

And now back to Graphe, the world of blog.


Blogging Winsomely


Melinda Penner spoke at GodBlogCon on “Blogging As a Winsome Witness.”


Here is a summary of her suggestions.


1. Develop knowledge, wisdom, and character.

2. I’m always an ambassador and my blogging always reflects on another.

3. Have a mission statement that defines what your blog is about.

4. Define the values that you commit to follow in writing your blog.

5. Deal with ideas and not personalities. Be charitable in interpreting other’s comments. Be fair. Don’t ascribe motives to someone you have no knowledge of.

6. When dealing with politics, tread carefully.

7. Pursue excellence.

8. Model clear-thinking Christianity.


Emails: Driscoll and Piper

It seems that the world of blog is pretty fascinated by gossips and would even caused divisions among brothers.

I think Mark Driscoll gave a pretty good sermon at the DG conference although his last point on contextualization is suspect. Nevertheless the young preacher (about 35 years old) who is voted Top 25 most influential people in Washington did a pretty good job among the veterans at the conference.

Here is the email between Piper and Driscoll

(H.T Steve McCoy)

Why blog

The Sept-Oct 2006 editon of Preaching, Mark Batterson gives 10 reasons for blogging.

#1 Blogging is a stewardship issue. It’s one way I share what God is teaching me.
#2 Blogging helps me remember what God doesn’t want me to forget.
#3 Blogging is one way of capturing the things God is revealing to me.
#4 Blogging is a form of autobiography.
#5 Blogging is a way to carry on a conversation with lots of people at the same time.
#6 Blogging is a sermon supplement. Actually, sermons might be a blogging supplment.
#7 Blogging is the way I leave a trail. My kids and grandkids can read it someday.
#8 Blogging is cathartic. It helps me process what I’m thinking and feeling.
#9 Blogging is the way I share what is happening in my head and my heart.
#10 Blogging is a form of digital discipleship. Neo-scrolls.