Free Logos/ Libronix and Bible Works Books and Addins

Get free public domain libronix books including Thomas Aquinas, Jonathan Edwards (2 vols.), John Owen (18 vols.) and John Flavel (6 vols.) and several others (make sure you go down to the bottom of the page and look at older posts too–tons of stuff!) Thanks to Truth is Still Truth.

Several Bibleworks books may be downloaded as well:


I. Howard Marshall e-book

A Pocket Guide to New Testament Theology.”



Chapter 1: Why study Christian doctrine?

Chapter 2: Our Knowledge of God?

Chapter 3: What can we know about God?

Chapter 4: God and the Universe

Chapter 5: The Person and Work of Jesus

Chapter 6: The Life of the Christian

Chapter 7: The Christian Community

Chapter 8: The Last Things

Free: “What Jesus Demands from the World” John Piper

“What Jesus Demands from the World” has just been released. As usual, Desiring GOD made the book available to all for FREE. If their ministry has been a blessing to you, consider supporting them. More Piper online books.