Amish School Shooting – the response

This marked the third school shooting in the United States in less than a week after the Platte Canyon High School shooting on September 27 and Weston High School shooting, on September 29, 2006. It also occurred less than three weeks after the Dawson College shooting in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on September 13.

This was the twenty-fourth school shooting of 2006 in the United States, according to the National School Safety and Security Services.

I think the news should report and focus on the responses by the Amish community. There was no call for revenge or jihad. What caused them to behave counter cultural?

The Rev. Schenck reports a grandfather of one of the murdered Amish girls said of the killer on the day of the murder: “We must not think evil of this man.”

Jack Meyer, a member of the Brethren community living near the Amish in Lancaster County, explained: “I don’t think there’s anybody here that wants to do anything but forgive and not only reach out to those who have suffered a loss in that way but to reach out to the family of the man who committed these acts,” he told CNN.

The Amish have reached out to Roberts family. Dwight Lefever, a Roberts family spokesman said an Amish neighbor comforted the Roberts family hours after the shooting and extended forgiveness to them. More.

Moreover, the Amish do not have commercial medical insurance. That means the respective Amish families have to pay for their children’s medical bills caused by a madman!



  • Anna Mae Stoltzfus, aged 12.
  • Marian Stoltzfus Fisher, aged 13.
  • Naomi Rose Ebersol, aged 7.
  • Mary Liz Miller, aged 8.
  • Lena Zook Miller, aged 7.


  • 6 year old female
  • 8 year old female
  • 10 year old female
  • 12 year old female
  • 13 year old female