Greek Syntax: John 3:16

Logos Blog posted another usage of (a member of this blog is a contributor) for Greek students of the Bible. John 3.16, “For God so loved the world”. In the Clause Analysis, that phrase is a Primary Clause (PC), and the word translated “loved” (ἀγαπάω) is the Predicator (P) of the Primary Clause.

You wanted to find other situations where the underlying Greek word (ἀγαπάω) is used similarly, you could search the New Testament for all instances of ἀγαπάω. You’d find over 100 of them.

Rick Brannan from Logos recorded a video of it.

(HT: Rick Brannan)


Debate: Richard Hays vs Bart Ehrman

Richard Hays and Bart Ehrman on “The Da Vinci Code”

Bart Ehrman is an agnostic who denies the validity of the Gospels and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Commentaries on the debate. Here and here.

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