img_0958.jpgI recently got back from ETS/SBL.


I didn’t go to very many papers as I have come since spending time with people has come to be the true highlight of these trips. I went to three papers at ETS: Preston Sprinkle (TMS graduate), ‘Leviticus in Romans’; Stanley Porter, ‘John: a Public Gospel’; John Piper, ‘William Tyndale and the Vernacular Bible’. Preston’s paper was a summary of his doctoral work at the university of Aberdeen and he did an excellent job presenting his work and fielding questions. Porter argued that the gospel of John was intended for a wider public audience than what has usually been suggested and Piper gave a very inspiring charge to scholars to be God-centered in their academic work—quite convicting.


At SBL I attended the Linguistics and Lexicography sections as well as the section on Paul and Scripture. All were very good.


One of the best parts of the trip was getting to see the display at the Freer Art Museum in DC on ‘Bibles before the year 1000.’



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