Denny Burk on the recent election of Bruce Ware as the next ETS President and the amendment of the bylaws to reflect better of the Chicago Statement of Biblical Inerrancy. He gave some update on his paper as well.

The A-Blog blogged on James Spiegel: The Epistemic Ramifications of Behavior; H. Chris Ross: Promoting Evangelical Faith Through New Media; Brett Kunkle: Essential Concerns Regarding the Emerging Church; Erik Thoennes: Laughing Through Tears.

Brett Kunkle’s paper at ETS on the Emerging Church.

Scot McKnight on ETS/SBL.

On the Emergent conversation.

Bibliobloggers @SBL – Codex; Targuman; Biblishe Ausbildung; BlueCord; SansBlogue.

Evangelical Textual Criticism on Live from SBL in Washington


2 Responses

  1. Thanx Fellas. The paper out of STR is very thought provoking. Keep posting!

  2. You are welcome Brian.

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