JGRChJ 3 (2006)

The most recent issue of JGRChJ has now been posted and is set for print publication in early Decemeber. Be sure and download the articles though as they will not be available after the 1st of January or sometime thereabout.

Volume 3 (2006)


Craig Evans

Messianic Hopes and Messianic Figures in Late Antiquity


Richard Van Egmond

The Messianic ‘Son of David’ in Matthew


Ronald Weed

Aristotle on Justice (δικαιοσύνη): Character, Action and Some Pauline Counterparts


Michael Wojciechowski

Paul and Plutarch on Boasting


Barry F. Parker

Romans 7 and the Split Between Judaism and Christiainity


Craig S. Keener

Paul’s ‘Friends’ The Asiarchs (Acts 19.31)


Lois K. Fuller

The ‘Genitive Absolute’ in New Testament/Hellenistic Greek: A Proposal for Clearer Understanding


Jonathan M. Watt

Contextual Disconnection in Bart Ehrman’s Lost Christianities


Sean A. Adams

Luke’s Preface and its Relationship to Greek Historiography: A Response to Loveday Alexander


Robert Stephen Reid

Ad Herennium Argument Strategies in 1 Corinthians



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