Politics and Post-Election Blues

Bush’s Presidency Ended Last Night – John Podhoretz, New York Post
Why Republicans Got Shellacked – Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard
GOP’s Error: Ceding the Middle – Ronald Brownstein, Los Angeles Times
Return of Economic Nationalism – Pat Buchanan, Pittsburgh Trib-Review
GOP Coalition Fractured by Opposition to War – Susan Page, USA Today
Congress Gets A Case Of The Blues – Chuck Todd, National Journal
Conservatism Didn’t Lose, Republicanism Did – Phil Klein, Amer. Spectator
Smackdown! By Independents & Moderates – Dick Meyer, CBS News.com
The Pelosi Years Begin – Eleanor Clift, Newsweek
Strategy Shift Likely for Bush – Michael Abramowitz, Washington Post
Bush and His Iraq Policy Were Big Losers Tuesday – John Dickerson, Slate
Abandoning Iraq – David Warren, Ottawa Citizen
Payback Time: Who the Dems Will Target? – Rhonda Schwartz, ABC News
ACORN Finally Comes Under Scrutiny – John Fund, Opinion Journal
Stranger Than Fiction – Kathleen Parker, RealClearPolitics
All Slander All the Time – John Ellis, Wall Street Journal
Eyes Turn to 2008 Presidential Prize – Edward Luce & Holly Yeager, FT
A Chance for the Democrats – Chicago Tribune
The Voters’ Message
Washington Post
How the House Was Lost – New York Post
The Democratic House
– New York Times


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