UCLA – The Devil is a Celestial Bureaucrat

The Spotlight for UCLA’s website is not on Hawkings, Dawkins or Jay Gould coming to LA or Marilyn Adams (who once taught at UCLA) but Satanologist Henry Ansgar Kelly.

He argues that “The Devil is not God’s enemy, he is just a celestial bureaucrat with a bad attitude.” He claims that the early church made up Satan.



It is not suprising to encounter students at UCLA who believe that they do not exist. We have a poster on the table at Bruin Walk that states “DO YOU REALLY EXIST?” Students would often anwer, “I’ve wondered about my existence,” “I’ve often struggled with that question,” and my favorite answer “No.” Which I would reply, “May I ask who is answering?”

We are living in the postmodern world where we cannot know anything absolutely (not even the statement I’ve just wrote). To answer anything with absolute certainty is pre-modernity which is bigoted. In my course of campus evangelism, there are more atheists/agnostics and the know-it-alls who would challenge us because of our signs (such as IS ATHEISM CRUEL?; IS ATHEISM FOR FOOLS?; TOOTHPASTE AND THE PROBLEM OF ATHEISM).

But we have not encountered any Christians who would challenged us when we have signs such as ARE CHRISTIANS HYPOCRITES?; IS THE BIBLE FULL OF ERRORS? Instead, the atheists and the know-it alls would applaud our signs (but then would quickly get angry when found out that we are defending Christianity).

Where are the “Pauls” on our campuses?


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