Debate: Richard Hays vs Bart Ehrman

Richard Hays and Bart Ehrman on “The Da Vinci Code”

Bart Ehrman is an agnostic who denies the validity of the Gospels and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Commentaries on the debate. Here and here.

The Bible, the Da Vinci Code, and the Christian by Al Mohler


Panel discussion on the Da Vinci Code with Andreas Kostenberger, Norman Geisler, Richard Hays, and Bart Ehrman at Southeastern Seminary


Breaking The DaVinci Code by Darell Bock


Cracking the DaVinci Code Interview with Peter Jones Part I Broadband ; Part II broadband ; Part III broadband ; Part IV broadband


DaVinci Code Presentation: Separating Fact from Fiction, Questions and Answers by James White


The DaVinci Code – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 by James White


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